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Add money to your online account
What is Green Dot @ the Register™?
Green Dot @ the Register is a service which allows you to add cash to many online accounts.
What mobile phones are compatible with the Green Dot @ the Register service?
You’ll need an iPhone or Android with a mobile browser to use Green Dot @ the Register.
  • To use on your phone, use your mobile browser to log into any participating partner’s online account. Select the Green Dot @ the Register option to add money to your account, and follow the prompts. Tip: our service works best when you create your barcode on your phone when you are in the store.
  • Don’t have an iPhone or Android? No worries, you can always print from your laptop or desktop computer too!
Who can use this service?
Green Dot @ the Register adds cash only to accounts of participating partners, so you must have an active account with that partner to use this service.
How do I use Green Dot @ the Register to add cash to my online account?
  • Log into your online account, select “Green Dot @ the Register”, usually located as an option in the section where you add funds to your account.
  • Select a retailer and we’ll make a custom barcode for you.
  • Print or get the barcode on your smartphone and bring it to the register (along with your cash). A $4.95 service fee applies. The mobile barcode will expire in one hour. The print barcode will expire after 48 hours.
TIP for mobile users: Wait until you are at the retail location to generate your barcode on your phone. Once a barcode is generated on your mobile phone, it will expire after one hour, and you will have to create a new one. If you accidentally close or refresh your barcode page, you’ll have to generate a new barcode.
Why should I use Green Dot @ the Register to add money to my account?
It lets you quickly and easily add cash to your account at thousands of participating retail locations.
How is Green Dot @ the Register different than a MoneyPak?

Your money goes straight to your account. No need to scratch off the back of MoneyPaks and type in a PIN number online. The money is sent to your online account right at the register!

Once you’ve added cash to your online account through Green Dot @ the Register, the money will typically be in your account in 10 minutes for you to use. You can check your balance at your service provider’s website.

With MoneyPak, after purchase, there is up to a 60-minute delay before your MoneyPak is ready to use.

Why did my service provider reject my Green Dot @ the Register funding transaction?
Green Dot has no information about your online account. Please contact your service provider for assistance with your account.
My barcode did not work at the store. What happened?

You should check a few things:

Always check the expiration date next to your barcode before you use it. If it is expired, you will need to create a new barcode.

Also, you can only use two barcodes at a time, so try to use your barcode before you generate another one.

If you still cannot use your barcode after checking all of the above, please contact your service provider for assistance with your account.

How can I protect myself from fraud?
Protecting yourself from fraud is simple with Green Dot @ the Register. Just remember only to use barcodes that you personally generated from your own account. Never use a barcode someone else gave you, because it is probably a scam.
How much does it cost to add cash to my account with a Green Dot @ the Register barcode?
Adding cash directly to your account at the register costs up to $4.95.
How much money can I add using the Green Dot @ the Register service?
You can usually add any amount from $20 to $500 per barcode. You may use up to three barcodes or add up to $1,500 total per day, whichever event comes first. Please keep in mind that your service provider may have a daily limit on your account that is under $1,500. If you reach your service provider’s daily or monthly account limit, you will not be able to load money using the Green Dot @ the Register service. Also, the amount of cash you can add may be reduced if there’s additional activity on your account between the time you generate the barcode and when you use it.
How will my service provider’s limits apply to this service?
Your service provider may limit you to adding under $1,500 per day, and may have monthly limits on your account. If you have reached either of these limits, you will not be able to use Green Dot @ the Register service until the next day or month, when your limits reset.
Where can I use the Green Dot @ the Register service?
You can use it at CVS/pharmacy and Rite Aid.
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